Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Its 7:10pm on a wednesday evening, and yet im facing infront of this square dumbass thingy. Guess wad, i have been stayin at home the whole day today. Doing nothing but sitting at the sofa like some orang utan in the zoo.haha! i seriously need something to stimulate my mind. oh well, and that's why here i am writing this entry. lols..
Okay, at least i have smth to blog now. This morning i have just received my exam results through the sms. Thank God. I have managed to pass through this sem!! woohoo! yeah i have passed all the modules. well, i gt D for MAFIT, B for LAIT, C+ for POM, C for EBM, C+ for DBIS, and C+ for SOCIOLOGY. I'm so happy! okay, i know im easily contented. haha that's why im easily happy too. lols.. At least, we do not have to meet up for SUP papers. hor. haha. But i think my GPA is definitely going to be very low, like 2.0 only? I dunno. I have anticipated that, so i wont be that much disappointed. Just wanna get out of this poly life, though i have met some good friends there. Alright i should stop here, its dinner time! ciaos~


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Blogger chalace said...

alot boring make it more nicer

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