Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It has been a "decade" since i last blogged. haha.. My blog almost turn defunt! There are many many things that have happened during this period of time. hmn ? where should i start from...

Just a few months back, i have undergone a Root canal therapy which cost $450 to save my pathetic decayed tooth. Luckily, and fortuntely my bf was there for me. I might want to do a crown teeth to protect my tooth next time. Alright, let's not talk about that anymore for the time being.

oh yes! i went phuture to club too with my poly friends after the exams. The crowd was overwhelming due to the fact that it was a ladies night that day. We hardly had any space to dance. Haha the situation was like squeezing with one another and twisting our body to follow the music. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable night. and my bf was sweet enough to pick me up and fetch me home as he is not "fang xin" to leave me alone to take a cab. hehe

and dramatically...

the day before yesterday, I had a tiff with my boyfriend. It really upset me alot but i have since get over it. This is how it took place...

Initially, we have arranged to meet up for dinner at 5pm. At around 315pm, i confirmed with my supervisor regarding my dinner breaktime. She told me that i had to eat at 4pm , as they would be shorthanded if i were to eat at 5pm. I had no choice but to concede with that. I immediately called my bf to tell him about meeting at 4pm. At such a short notice, he rushed down by flagging a cab. But, guess wad? i was released at 415pm , and was late for 15mins due to some hectic work at the last minute. My bf was furious as he rushed down but in the end i was late. In front of my friends, he threw temper and wanted to walk away. To think that he do that in front of my friends, shows that he has little or no respect for me nor my friends. I was totally upset with him and quarrels become inevitable. Afterwhich, he waited close to 5hours for me to knock off, and bought alot of food n drinks n the GUESSbag for me to apologise. Instead, i quarrelled with him again as my anger had not subsided yet. His eyes were watery and beads of tear rolled down his cheeks when i asked him to apologise to my friend. sigh! I realised i was going overboard, he waited for me for so many hours and bought me so many stuffs but yet i did not appreciate it. I start to ponder and realise that it was not totally his fault. In the end, we forgave each other. haha. and resume back to our loving state. muaackzz!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Part 2

continuing from the previous entry..

well.. another recent occasion was my birthday on the 13th dec... damn shitty! it falls on my term tests week, which means i can hardly enjoy my celebrations. sigh!

In sch, after the paper, my friends throw a mini celebration for me just outside the exam room..haha! yeah~ I'm contented with it , its the hearts that count afterall.. thanks girls!

After that, i went to meet my bf.. as we intended to hav dinner together outside..
I waited at his hse nearby bus-stop. But when he reached, guess wad? He told me he forget to bring his handphone and have left it at home. He wanted to go back and get it together with me, but i told him to forget it, since we are only going nearby to eat. But he replied " i need the handphone in case some one from my workplace call me, or in case u get lost halfway thru and i am able to contact you"... okay, so in the end we went up together to get his hp..

but guess wad??


juz went he opened the door, i saw a glowing light on the floor. there were lots and lots of candles , forming the words "I LOVE YOU!"..Oh my god! i went totally touched that i nearly cried..hehe

and there were two sets of nicely cooked meatball spagetti and mushroom soup on the table! haha.. dear dear has "xia zhui" again.. feel so "xin fu" , as i have got a bf and a hubby who can cook good food! hehe

i know he had sacrificed his few hours of sleep just to prepare all these for me , to whip up those dishes and to light up so many of the candles. the flames really melt my heart though..hehe

muackkzz..thanks dear for everything u have done for me!
I love u , seriously.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Phew! My long awaited term break has finally arrived. yeah! Its time to "let your hair down" and have fun!! I wanna go clubbing!! heard frm many of my friends that Zouk is a "must go" i dun wanna miss it...hope that the experience would be much better than MOS..

However, i have not seek permission from my bf yet.. sigh~ hopefully he would allow me to go... I love to dance especially after u have bottom up afew glasses of alcohol...oh man, the feeling is undescribable...its like dancing all the way to the platform, and having fun like nobody business..perhaps i might be able to club during the Xmas weekend! whoo!

Speaking of Xmas, i was once told that Xmas is a day whereby u should spend with your closest and loved ones. I guess its true because its a day of giving and sharing.. but oh well, every year xmas is the same. Spending Xmas eve with family, having pizza hut at home and heading to town for sightseeing.. perhaps..Xmas day i would spend it with my bf..hehe

Recently, there are quite a number of celebrated occasions, which means very much to me..

29th November 2006!!!

3 years back, that is the day i have found my true happiness and made me believe in "forever love".. do u believe in eternality? hmnm.

So, this is the 3rd year i have been together with my bf le..I feel so "xin fu" having to come so far and having been in this relationship for so long..well, the flames is still growing no doubt!
I have learnt how to love someone, giving him unconditional love, and always placing him before myself. Its kind of weird, when i see his smile i would feel happy too.. when he is sad , i dun feel good too...that's love!
i start to miss him now le, its has been a long time since we last met..hmn is 2days considered a long period?? haha!! To me, its a yes! for i longed to be with him for every seconds , the sense of security and warmth that he gave me. something that could not be found in others and something that money could not buy..

okay, im talkin alot right now...haha!

back to the topic, we spent our 3th year anniversary in town. for the 1st time, i wore the heels that he bought for me..

ohh... and so we went to cineleisure for a couple of neoprint shoots...the pictures turned out great! and i have uploaded some to my friendster..heee

we headed down to millenia walk for dinner.. it was supposed to be a candlelit dinner...but in the endwe dining in at "out back" restaurant..though there wasnt any lighted candles , but the ambience was romantic enough..haha! its an australian restaurant and their food was heavenly la! i ate the grilled fish with some calamaria seafood!! so nice!! the best grilled fish that i ever had! im nt exaggerating hor...haha

we then strolled to the esplanade for a walk... went up to the sky garden and set there for some time.. admiring the scenaries while with his arms wrapping around me, felt so warmth...we chatted alot and reminisic the past... the days that we had just met and how we ended up together... hearing it makes my heart melt... i dunno why too.. and we too talk about our future... i wanted to migrate and leave everything behind, with just me and him in a small house and enjoying our life as we lie on the grass everyday...haha! sound like in australia huh... i dun wish to stay in singapore , living in such a competitive society and a money- sucker place. its like if u choose a wrong step, it will be forever with you in your life... that is singapore.. even in the education system or the working lifestyles... i dun wanna talk more abt that..sigh!

On sat, we had our second part of celebration.. cuz we never had enuff..never!

this time , we went to the fullerton hotel for the chocolate buffet.. the chocolate fondue, the blueberry choc yoghurt, the mocha dark choc drink and the cakes are all so tempting! how i wish i could "da pao" home for more.. haha

we sat there and ate from 8pm-11pm!! 3-hours long of choc marathon! hehee
we took alot of pictures and im very very impressed with the staff services. its a totally 1st class service that i ever experienced!

anyway.. the most important thing is we have been together for a whole of 3 whopping years!!

i thank god for bringing him to me...

Friday, September 15, 2006

I was asked to blog and so i'm here. These few days have been a routine of job hunting for me, and have yet to hear good news. sigh! Finding a job is not that easy after all. Or maybe i did not put in my effort in finding one?? haha..

Yester i met up with one of my good friend, S , again. I do not want to mention names to prevent any conflicts la..We chatted abt some stuffs. Why is it that she have to compare everything and make some immature comments. It ranges from comparing ur partner looks, financial status and even how many suitors u have got. Oh well. I told myself not to be bothered by her words, but i dunno why it kinda of ruin my day. One more nasty comment from her, and i will juz shut her off. However, i hope it will not happen.

Enough about that. Today i have done some shopping and i wanna tank someone. Thanks You for everything wor! muaackzz* Hmn, I have bought a pair of sandals from U.R.S & INC, a top from Mango and a pair of earrings from perlini silver.... Oh YES, I have FINALLY AT LAST pierced my ears. haha i guessed its vainity.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Tomorrow, i will be clubbing at M.O.S. Haha.. finally have break off from the virgin clubber curse. I gonna drunk myself and dance through the night. YEAH!!!

Till then~

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Its 7:10pm on a wednesday evening, and yet im facing infront of this square dumbass thingy. Guess wad, i have been stayin at home the whole day today. Doing nothing but sitting at the sofa like some orang utan in the zoo.haha! i seriously need something to stimulate my mind. oh well, and that's why here i am writing this entry. lols..
Okay, at least i have smth to blog now. This morning i have just received my exam results through the sms. Thank God. I have managed to pass through this sem!! woohoo! yeah i have passed all the modules. well, i gt D for MAFIT, B for LAIT, C+ for POM, C for EBM, C+ for DBIS, and C+ for SOCIOLOGY. I'm so happy! okay, i know im easily contented. haha that's why im easily happy too. lols.. At least, we do not have to meet up for SUP papers. hor. haha. But i think my GPA is definitely going to be very low, like 2.0 only? I dunno. I have anticipated that, so i wont be that much disappointed. Just wanna get out of this poly life, though i have met some good friends there. Alright i should stop here, its dinner time! ciaos~