Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Part 2

continuing from the previous entry..

well.. another recent occasion was my birthday on the 13th dec... damn shitty! it falls on my term tests week, which means i can hardly enjoy my celebrations. sigh!

In sch, after the paper, my friends throw a mini celebration for me just outside the exam room..haha! yeah~ I'm contented with it , its the hearts that count afterall.. thanks girls!

After that, i went to meet my bf.. as we intended to hav dinner together outside..
I waited at his hse nearby bus-stop. But when he reached, guess wad? He told me he forget to bring his handphone and have left it at home. He wanted to go back and get it together with me, but i told him to forget it, since we are only going nearby to eat. But he replied " i need the handphone in case some one from my workplace call me, or in case u get lost halfway thru and i am able to contact you"... okay, so in the end we went up together to get his hp..

but guess wad??


juz went he opened the door, i saw a glowing light on the floor. there were lots and lots of candles , forming the words "I LOVE YOU!"..Oh my god! i went totally touched that i nearly cried..hehe

and there were two sets of nicely cooked meatball spagetti and mushroom soup on the table! haha.. dear dear has "xia zhui" again.. feel so "xin fu" , as i have got a bf and a hubby who can cook good food! hehe

i know he had sacrificed his few hours of sleep just to prepare all these for me , to whip up those dishes and to light up so many of the candles. the flames really melt my heart though..hehe

muackkzz..thanks dear for everything u have done for me!
I love u , seriously.


Blogger WongYiLin said...

Jie.. My frens say u type de tai kua zhang le.. Can change it a little?? Later all my frens leave me i die liaoz.. T^T Sobs..

2:20 AM  

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