Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It has been a "decade" since i last blogged. haha.. My blog almost turn defunt! There are many many things that have happened during this period of time. hmn ? where should i start from...

Just a few months back, i have undergone a Root canal therapy which cost $450 to save my pathetic decayed tooth. Luckily, and fortuntely my bf was there for me. I might want to do a crown teeth to protect my tooth next time. Alright, let's not talk about that anymore for the time being.

oh yes! i went phuture to club too with my poly friends after the exams. The crowd was overwhelming due to the fact that it was a ladies night that day. We hardly had any space to dance. Haha the situation was like squeezing with one another and twisting our body to follow the music. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable night. and my bf was sweet enough to pick me up and fetch me home as he is not "fang xin" to leave me alone to take a cab. hehe

and dramatically...

the day before yesterday, I had a tiff with my boyfriend. It really upset me alot but i have since get over it. This is how it took place...

Initially, we have arranged to meet up for dinner at 5pm. At around 315pm, i confirmed with my supervisor regarding my dinner breaktime. She told me that i had to eat at 4pm , as they would be shorthanded if i were to eat at 5pm. I had no choice but to concede with that. I immediately called my bf to tell him about meeting at 4pm. At such a short notice, he rushed down by flagging a cab. But, guess wad? i was released at 415pm , and was late for 15mins due to some hectic work at the last minute. My bf was furious as he rushed down but in the end i was late. In front of my friends, he threw temper and wanted to walk away. To think that he do that in front of my friends, shows that he has little or no respect for me nor my friends. I was totally upset with him and quarrels become inevitable. Afterwhich, he waited close to 5hours for me to knock off, and bought alot of food n drinks n the GUESSbag for me to apologise. Instead, i quarrelled with him again as my anger had not subsided yet. His eyes were watery and beads of tear rolled down his cheeks when i asked him to apologise to my friend. sigh! I realised i was going overboard, he waited for me for so many hours and bought me so many stuffs but yet i did not appreciate it. I start to ponder and realise that it was not totally his fault. In the end, we forgave each other. haha. and resume back to our loving state. muaackzz!


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