Friday, September 15, 2006

I was asked to blog and so i'm here. These few days have been a routine of job hunting for me, and have yet to hear good news. sigh! Finding a job is not that easy after all. Or maybe i did not put in my effort in finding one?? haha..

Yester i met up with one of my good friend, S , again. I do not want to mention names to prevent any conflicts la..We chatted abt some stuffs. Why is it that she have to compare everything and make some immature comments. It ranges from comparing ur partner looks, financial status and even how many suitors u have got. Oh well. I told myself not to be bothered by her words, but i dunno why it kinda of ruin my day. One more nasty comment from her, and i will juz shut her off. However, i hope it will not happen.

Enough about that. Today i have done some shopping and i wanna tank someone. Thanks You for everything wor! muaackzz* Hmn, I have bought a pair of sandals from U.R.S & INC, a top from Mango and a pair of earrings from perlini silver.... Oh YES, I have FINALLY AT LAST pierced my ears. haha i guessed its vainity.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Tomorrow, i will be clubbing at M.O.S. Haha.. finally have break off from the virgin clubber curse. I gonna drunk myself and dance through the night. YEAH!!!

Till then~

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Its 7:10pm on a wednesday evening, and yet im facing infront of this square dumbass thingy. Guess wad, i have been stayin at home the whole day today. Doing nothing but sitting at the sofa like some orang utan in the zoo.haha! i seriously need something to stimulate my mind. oh well, and that's why here i am writing this entry. lols..
Okay, at least i have smth to blog now. This morning i have just received my exam results through the sms. Thank God. I have managed to pass through this sem!! woohoo! yeah i have passed all the modules. well, i gt D for MAFIT, B for LAIT, C+ for POM, C for EBM, C+ for DBIS, and C+ for SOCIOLOGY. I'm so happy! okay, i know im easily contented. haha that's why im easily happy too. lols.. At least, we do not have to meet up for SUP papers. hor. haha. But i think my GPA is definitely going to be very low, like 2.0 only? I dunno. I have anticipated that, so i wont be that much disappointed. Just wanna get out of this poly life, though i have met some good friends there. Alright i should stop here, its dinner time! ciaos~